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The Crib Notes Podcast

News and Politics


These days, news is something of a whirlwind, and figuring out which things to focus on and what to believe has become a monumental task.

Each week, we explore 
these categories:
          the White House,
          National Headlines,                         International Headlines,
          Climate Change,
          and an unrelated side story.


This 10 minute podcast  sums up the week's news using objective  and trusted sources (always linked in the description).
Email: TheCribNotesPodcast@gmail.com
Twitter: @CribNotesCast

Pop Up

Comedy and Entertainment
We find commercials really interesting, and often hilariously or tragically out of touch, so join us as we nitpick the hell of out the mammoth industry of advertising.
Each week on this show, Daniel Lanza Rivers and Dillon Wall watch a commercial and break it down. We look at stuff like film techniques, marketing choices, broader societal context, and anything else we can think of. The show is often salient and always entertaining... because for an industry built on knowing what we want, they sure get it wrong a lot.
Email: PopUpThePodcast@gmail.com
Twitter: @PopUpThePodcast