My name is Dillon Wall. My path, however winding, always seems to lead back to art. I love the creative process, and I love helping people bring their ideas to life. I've played in a lot of different mediums over the years - film, music, writing, illustration, 3D design, performance - and each of those mediums offered a new set of tools for achieving the ultimate goal: telling stories.

For the past few years, I've fallen in love with the ways that animation can create magic. From taking a stagnant logo and making it dance, to populating a fictional world with wacky, colorful characters; from birthday cards to educational videos; from music videos to commercials to explainers -- animation offers a unique way for your story to take form. So shoot me an email. Let's chat about your story. And let's work together to bring it to life. 



Dillon Wall Motion Graphics | Jus Pop'n Gourmet Popcorn Animated Logo


  • Perfect for video content intro and website banners

  • Can work from any type of file

  • Includes video and gif files of your animated logo​

PRICE: $50/animation

Dillon Wall Motion Graphics | "Find Your Awesome" annimated book trailer


  • Title screens, animated intros, lyric videos and more

  • Perfect for video content intros and website banners

  • Original music available upon request 

PRICE: $20/video minute

Dillon Wall Motion Graphics | "The Snowman" narrative animation


  • Tell a complete story through animation

  • Can work from an idea, illustration, digital file or video

  • Will work with you throughout the process to achieve your vision

PRICE: $50/hour



No matter what your idea for an animated project is, shoot me an email and let's chat about it!

Animated logos, short films, birthday cards, explainer videos, music videos, and much, much, more are within reach.


You'll be amazed at what's possible!

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Thanks for reaching out!
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